Transcription Services

Voicepath provides its clients with high quality transcription services for both single and multi-speaker dictation or interviews and for copy typing of marked-up documents and manuscripts.

You can use the service however you want to, whether it's on an ad-hoc basis to cover holidays, sickness or absenteeism or on a long-term strategic basis. Used strategically, the service enables you to improve fee earner to secretary ratios, restructure your existing teams, reduce costs & ultimately improve profitability.

All dictations are immediately allocated to one of our typists and returned to you (subject to length of dictation) on average 45 minutes after receipt.

Our template service transcribes directly into your Microsoft Word templates whilst our In-System service is geared to Voicepath transcribing and profiling documents directly into your case and document management system, thereby simplifying the dictation requirements and removing the need for time consuming cutting and pasting of completed documents between systems.

Dictations or interviews recorded on compact cassette tapes can be converted and transcribed by Voicepath.  These include Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) interviews covering civil and criminal law as well as fraud investigations.

The Voicepath Manuscript service is for documents that are not dictated.  Typically, this is faciliatated by "scanning and sending" us your documents to allow them to be updated remotely.

We transcribe digitally recorded files.  However, if you haven't already implemented digital dictation, we would be happy to discuss the options available for upgrading from analogue to digital.  Alternatively, you can talk to one of our digital dictation partners.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements or find out more about how the service works.

“I have calculated that we have saved £500,000 in salary costs alone through using Voicepath.”

Godfrey Mather, Chief Executive, Debenhams Ottaway