Our Approach

How Voicepath Works

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to use the service, which is why we offer different methods for the receipt of dictation and return of the completed document.

You can send your dictations to us

  1. via a DDS (Digital Dictation System)
  2. via email
  3. via a fixed line or mobile telephone

We can return your completed documents to you

  1. via email
  2. by placing them in a specified location in your network
  3. by typing directly into your case, practice or document management system

Dictation & Transcription Process

Whatever method you use to send your dictations to us the diagram below shows just how simple it is.

“I have calculated that we have saved £500,000 in salary costs alone through using Voicepath.”

Godfrey Mather, Chief Executive, Debenhams Ottaway