Benefits of Outsourcing to Voicepath

Below are some of the benefits our clients derive from using our service.

Bill more without employing additional support staff

Having to wait for dictated documents to be returned creates inefficiency and frustration. Case files stay on the desk for days instead of being dealt with and put away. It also means that by the time you check a document, you may have handled several other matters, making it necessary for you to re-familiarise yourself with it before it can be dispatched.

No matter how much additional work you take on, our large network of qualified typists means we have infinite capacity for providing immediate transcription of high quality documents. This means that you can effectively double your work throughput without taking on more support staff, and still have your documents returned to you typically within 45 minutes.  You can then check them while the matter is fresh in your mind, and move on to the next task.

As a result work levels can increase, clients receive a better service, giving firms the opportunity to retain more customers and improve profitability.

Speed up billing cycle

Cases which can’t be finished can’t be billed. If there is a backlog of typing in your department, it inevitably means a billing backlog which can affect performance and profitability

We return most work on our fast turnaround service within 45 minutes, which means that cases can be completed and billed in far shorter time scales.

Reduce secretarial overheads

Fixed overheads make up a large proportion of a firm’s costs. Taking on additional support staff always means more fixed costs in the form of expensive office space, equipment, training, IT and HR support

If a proportion of this cost can be turned into a variable cost, the amount of unproductive time you pay for is dramatically reduced and more typing resource can be simply turned on and off with minimal management time spent administrating it.

The transcription service is available on a pay-as-you-go basis so you only pay for the actual transcription of documents and not for any downtime. If used strategically it can help you improve fee earner to staff ratios and make better use of your office space, by either reducing the number of secretaries you employ or re-assigning them to other, possibly billable, tasks.

Manage peaks & troughs in work

Imagine a situation when a new client offers you a large assignment, on condition that you can start work in the next day or two. The only problem is that you don’t have the support staff to deal with the increase in typing the job will generate, and HR will have to concentrate on hiring the extra two fee-earners you’ll need. In any case, where would they all sit?

Our service is scalable and available on-demand therefore it's far easier to manage workload peaks and troughs. You can accept as much work as your fee-earners can handle, knowing that getting the support won't be a problem.

Minimise effects of absenteeism

Staff unreliability, sickness, absenteeism, holidays, skill shortages, the time and cost involved in training new staff and finding quality temps all place a huge strain on the management of your resource, especially in a competitive job market where support staff turn-over can be high.

We can help you manage your resource more effectively; we're never late, sick or take holidays, are always available and are experienced in your business sector.

Get the most out of your Digital Dictation System

Although digital dictation may have helped eliminate backlogs and streamline workflow, it may not have produced the expected financial return on investment.

Using Voicepath adds significant value to a digital dictation system by allowing a firm to further speed up document production and deal more efficiently with peaks and troughs in work.

Because our service fully integrates with all of the major systems we can provide this additional value quickly and seamlessly.

“I have calculated that we have saved £500,000 in salary costs alone through using Voicepath.”

Godfrey Mather, Chief Executive, Debenhams Ottaway